Polygon world

The first cross-platform VR social game in China, supporting multiple mobile phones, PC, VR devices.


中文:1.Pico邀请码: 用户可以登录pico官网(https://passport.picovr.com/login),进入个人页面,点击兑换和输入邀请码,获得游戏。获取后在“应用商店-管理-不在本机”可以找到。 通过官网微信获得邀请码: PolygonWorldVR
2.Sidequest邀请码: 可打开网站链接,直接下载(https://sidequestvr.com/app/6034/polygonworld)
English:1.Pico invitation code: Users can log in to the pico official website (https://passport.picovr.com/login), enter the personal page, click redeem and enter the invitation code to get the game. After getting it, you can find it in "App Store - Manage - Not on this computer". Get the invitation code through WeChat on the official website: PolygonWorldVR
2.Sidequest invitation code: You can open the website link and download it directly (https://sidequestvr.com/app/6034/polygonworld)

Explore Virtual World

Unique Virtual City

Simulate real urban landscape and landmark, Hangzhou and Singapore are currently open, and more cities will be added later

Virtual House

You can decorate your favorite virtual home in the city. Owning a mansion in the polygon world is no longer a dream

Cross-platform online gameplay

Support PC, VR, Android, iPhone and other devices to play online

Avatar Customization

You can customize the appearance of your avatar and create a unique and attractive character

Social gameplay

Virtual city has a variety of social games, including archery, soccer, and Battle Royale

Realistic synchronous time system

Polygon World will change day and night based on real time, and a weather system will be added to synchronize with real time in the future

Multiple gameplay

technology demonstration

product team


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